Cycle Security Coding

Cycle shops

All local cycle shops now apply ultra-violet security codes to new cycles at point of sale. Stickers alert potential thieves that this has been done. Should you have an uncoded cycle under repair at any shop, ask for a security code to be applied at the same time.

Police coding sessions

The Police hold cycle coding sessions from time to time to which any member of the public may bring their cycle for coding.

Normally these are held on the first Saturday of every month, 9am to 11am, at Talbot House, Lansdown Road, Cheltenham. Bring your bike along to be coded or collect a coding kit to take home The kit may also be used to code other items, such as mobile phones, MP3 players etc. Further details from PCSO Kim Graham at Cheltenham town centre police station (Lansdown Road), 0845 090 1234.

All Police Community Support Officers normally carry ultra-violet pens, and if approached will be happy to code a cycle for the owner, providing that they are not dealing with an incident.


Coding packs are available from the Police (e.g. at the above public sessions) for anyone wishing to code a cycle themselves. For anybody doing this, it is suggested that postcode and house number are marked on the cycle on an area or areas that receives least wear and tear.

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