Top Cycling Tips

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If you're new to cycling or want to brush up for making more of your journeys by bike,
consider these "top tips"

  • Plan every movement
    based on what you both can and can't see. Look and think ahead.
  • Position prominently.
    In the centre of the lane if you can keep up with traffic and also when it would not be safe for you to be passed, such as at the approach to a traffic island.
  • Change your position on the road gradually,
    ensuring that you will not conflict with anyone else.
  • Look behind and signal
    before moving across traffic. However, be cautious signalling left turns in case it encourages someone to overtake and cut in.
  • Never ride up the inside of a long vehicle,
    especially near a road junction.
  • Keep off pavements
    (footways): they are a common location for cyclist injuries. Special care needs to be taken if you use a footway signed for cycling, especially at road junctions and accesses where drivers may not notice you. You will usually be safer on the road.
  • On country lanes, use your ears
    as well as your eyes to detect traffic.

Read more about safe and enjoyable cycling

  CYCLECRAFT by John Franklin *
The definitive guide to safe and enjoyable cycling. Closely associated with the National Standard for Cycle Training and Bikeability.
Published by The Stationery Office
(publishers of the Highway Code)
2020 edition; ISBN 978 0117037403

* Declaration of interest: John Franklin is a member of the Cheltenham & Tewkesbury Cycling Campaign

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