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This is Cheltenham & Tewkesbury Cycling Campaign's Wish List for changes to improve conditions for cycling in Gloucestershire outside Cheltenham. For the Cheltenham Wish List, see here.

The Wish List is divided into two sections. The first section deals with the major barriers to cycling which impact on the strategic network for cycling. The second section includes relatively minor issues that if attended to would improve the cycling environment locally, but would not have a major impact on the general road network.

Cyclists are invited to contribute to the Wish List, by commenting on items that are included and by suggesting new items for possible inclusion. Please feed back your views here.

Strategic issues

A38 Bristol Road bridge over railway   map

There appears to be a cycle lane across this bridge but it is very narrow while it is unsafe for a cyclist to be passed here.

Solution: Remove appearance of a cycle lane. Place cycle logos in the centre of the lane and provide a sign telling motorists not to overtake.

B4008 / M5 Junction 12   map

Difficult to access right-hand lane for going ahead.

Solution: Short term: Provide warning sign that cyclists need to go right and to give them priority in doing so. Perhaps provide cycle lane between two traffic lanes. Longer term: When roads in this area are modified for development, change left-hand lane to go ahead with left turn off road towards M5.

B4008 Bristol Road, Hunts Grove   map

Bypass to Cross Keys roundabout for some journeys.

Solution: Allow cyclists to use bridge over A38 in both directions. Adequate space as half of the road is crosshatched.

Canal towpath, Frampton to Slimbridge   map

The A38 is the only road route between Frampton-on-Severn and Slimbridge, interrupting a popular network of minor roads from Gloucester to Bristol and involving a substantial detour that is not suitable for less confident cyclists. The canal towpath has the potential to bridge this gap but the present surface is narrow and uneven and suitable only for off-road bikes.

Solution: Widen and lay a tarmac surface on the towpath from Frampton to Slimbridge.

Crosskeys roundabout   map

Improve junction for cycling. Has become much worse since 2019 changes to increase capacity and speed. A major barrier to cycling across the area. Cycle facilities in area much too dangerous and inconvenient.

Solution: Add traffic signals with protection for all movements. Reduce vehicle speeds through junction.

Elmbridge Court roundabout cycle track   map

Difficult to leave western track onto B4063. Uncomfortable surface along track.

Solution: Provide direct exit onto B4063 protected by a central island (similar to the original design here). Resurface track - not done following roundabout works.

Green Lane / Cox's Way   map

Chicane barrier on signed cycle route that is difficult to pass and unnecessarily restrictive. On strategic cross-county route from Cheltenham and Churchdown to Upton St Leonards and Stonehouse.

Solution: Replace barrier with bollards.


Grove Lane   map

Cycles are exempt from crossing the A38 from Grove Lane and also thereby making a right-turn at this place. However, the exemption is only indicated by a single sign at the junction and all advance signs (from the A419 and subsequently) indicate that it is not a through route for any vehicles. The road enables the roundabouts on the A419 at the M5 and A38 to be avoided and is a more pleasant route.

Solution: Append all advance signs with 'except cycles' plates.

King Street, Stroud   map

Accessibility in Stroud town centre.

Solution: Allow cyclists to use King Street from Rowcroft to Lansdown two-way.

Lansdown, Stroud   map

Stroud town centre accessibility.

Solution: Allow cyclists to use Lansdown two-way from King Street to Locking Hill. (Eastern section of Lansdown alreay has two-way cycling)

M5 junction 12   map

Junction difficult for cycling especially to/from Crosskeys.

Solution: Protect cycle movement from north onto overbridge against left-turning traffic onto motorway. Protect northbound cycles across exit from motorway towards Crosskey.

Over roundabout   map

Roundabout difficult to cross and slip road from south to west. Cycle facilities (only north/south) very poor.

Solution: Add traffic signals to roundabout for all movements. Longer term: eliminate roundabout.

Toadsmoor Road, Eastcombe   map

Impossible for most people to cycle up the steep hill during a single green phase of the traffic lights.

Solution: Exempt cyclists from the red light going uphill and erect signs to inform downhill traffic to expect cyclists coming up at all times. Unsure if there is sufficient space for an uphill cycle lane (which would need to be wide due to stability on the steep hill).

Local issues

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